One of the essential cosmetic problems has finally been solved

Why can Golden Ointment permeate into the deepest layers of skin where other creams and ointments cannot get?

Larger molecules of vitamins, flavonoids, stearans can hardly get, or even never get, into the deep layers of skin. However, this is something that terpene saponins from Golden Yacca contained in Golden Ointment can do especially well. Reducing the surface tension gradually, these saponins literally sink in, deeper and deeper into the skin, and enable the larger molecules to permeate too. This is why Golden Ointment gets absorbed into the skin very quickly, even though it is quite oily, and makes it soft, flexible, elastic, removes wrinkles and prevents their formation.


Pri psoriáze je dôležité, aby sa tvoriace sa plaky odlupovali, pretože pokožka pod nimi nemôže dýchať a dochádza k sekundárnym zápalom. Viacnásobné denné používanie Golden Ointment na postihnutých miestach očistí pokožku do hĺbky a odstraňuje plaky, upokojuje pokožku a tým zmierňuje dopad ochorenia Je účelné striedať Golden Ointment s inými prostriedkami proti psoriáze. Viac o psoriáze


With eczemas it is essential to prevent the skin from drying and to remove the occurring scurf. All that can be provided by Golden Ointment if you apply it several times a day in small amounts on the problematic parts and gently rub into the affected skin. Thus we prevent the skin from drying as well as preventing possible secondary infection.

Leg ulcers

Patients suffering from this disease often don’t pay due attention to the prevention and treatment of the affected skin before a typical ulcer occurs and gets infected. Golden Ointment contains terpene saponins which don’t allow for the adherence of microorganisms, thus eliminating and preventing infections, supporting faster healing, and soothing the skin. In this case too, small multiple daily applications of the ointment on the affected parts is advisable, leaving the applied ointment to absorb in the skin. The purpose of such a treatment is to reduce the pain, to speed up the healing process, and heal the wound. Treating leg ulcers (bércový vřed in Czech), hygiene and the adequate treatment of skin are crucial.

Acne and other pimples on the complexion

In the process of preventing and eliminating acne, Golden Ointment produces very good results because, thanks to the contained terpene saponins, it penetrates deep into the skin, eliminating the  crusts of pimples and removing bacterial flora, and it prevents inflammation, thus cleansing the skin. While hydrating the skin, Golden Ointment controls the occurrence of a further crop of acne type pimples.

The „father“ of the Golden Ointment cosmetic product is Prof. Oto Sova who has been studying the Golden Yacca preparation and exploring its healing effects since 1994. During his professional career, Prof. Sova published 86 scientific research works, and he has 49 international patents.

Prof. Sova and his team have tried, and it seems successfully, to resolve the problem of in-depth skin cleansing and removing harmful residues from it. They split the natural saponins of Golden Yacca preparation, which efficiently decrease surface tension, and utilised only low-molecular terpene saponins soluble in lipids. These were also incorporated in the Golden Ointment cosmetic product where they very effectively permeate to the deepest levels of the skin, removing sediments and impurities. What makes the Golden Ointment cosmetic product unique is that it contains special terpene saponins, isolated from Golden Yacca preparation which enable the penetration of natural herbal substances with antibiotic effects into all layers of the skin, down to the deepest, from which they eliminate harmful sediments and impurities, balance blood volume, facilitate hydration, soothe irritated skin, and bring in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

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