B17 has an anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory anti-infectious effect. It helps your blood circulation and is cardioprotective. Our B17 enriched by resveratrol is the one of its kind on the market with very efficient and fast-acting anti oxidative effect. It is made from apricot pits. Each pack contains 80 capsules. Our B17 Reservatrol helps to combat most of diseases. It is in fact, one of the most natural preventative food supplements.

Ingredients: apricot kernels extract, grape pips extract, maize starch
Dosage: 1 capsule daily
Contents: 80 kps/350 mg

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B17 + ANTIOXIDANT RESVERATROL – nutrition supplement

Did you know that apricot kernels contain significant components boosting immunity of the body? These effects had already been known to ancient Egyptians who consumed apricot kernels in order to successfully avoid serious diseases. The antioxidant called Resveratrol is considered to be a key to eternal youth. We are offering you two strongest antioxidants in a unique combination of B17 and Resveratrol.

Apricot kernels contain the important vitamin B17, also known as amygdaline. Based on extensive research and observation, it was established that the vitamin B17 has such properties which can reverse or reduce the progress of diseases. In some cases they can even cure human body suffering from tumour disease. Cancer cells survive thanks to carbohydrates fermentation. Amygdaline contains two molecules of glucose which are attracted by cancer cells, and thus can act directly on the spot of tumour disease occurrence. Other components, contained in the molecule of amygdaline, are cyanide and benzaldehyde. At the first sight, cyanide may evoke certain worries about the possibility of poisoning. However, in this case cyanide is ‘closed’ in a molecule. Poisoning is impossible, because it does not get in contact with stomach acid. Only in combination with stomach acid, cyanide is lethal. On the contrary, the combination of cyanide and benzaldehyde is destructive for cancer cells.

The antioxidant Resveratrol is an extract from grape pips which, combined with the vitamin B17, is an ideal nutrition supplement for daily use. It has been proved that this natural antioxidant can positively contribute to the prevention of prostate cancer. Likewise, it is helpful in regulation of blood pressure and modulation of immune system. It is generally known that the French eat unhealthy food, drink a lot, and smoke much as well. Nevertheless, they live long – thanks the consumption of wine. In vino veritas, as they say, and in this case the reason of longevity dwells in the fact that grapes, from which wine is made, contain Resveratrol. In one capsule of our nutrition supplement there is a substantially larger amount of Resveratrol. Just to compare: one capsule of our nutrition supplement contains as much Resveratrol as approximately 12 bottles of red wine.

B17 is rightfully the most interesting and most highly demanded vitamin of our times, which significantly affects blood circulation. It can be helpful in cases of inflammations and infections, and simultaneously it operates as a powerful antioxidant. Numerous studies of reputed institutions prove that in cases of tumour diseases it boosts immunity.

The combination of the vitamin B17 with Resveratrol (grape pips) in our product is ideal in everyday struggle against diseases.

B17 effects

  • boosts immune system in the struggle against tumour diseases
  • directly participates in elimination of cancer cells
  • increases appetite
  • prevents DNA cells from mutation
  • reduces mortality of healthy cells subject to attacks of free radicals
  • improves metabolism of nutrients and other useful substances
  • operates as a significant antioxidant
  • improves efficiency of blood circulation

Ingredients: apricot kernels extract, grape pips extract, maize starch

Dosage: 1 capsule daily

Contents: 80 kps/350 mg


  • not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women
  • not recommended before and after transplantation of bone marrow and other internal organs

Side effects:

  • none have been observed


B17 + Resveratrol is being produced, packaged, and laboratory tested directly at the premises of the producer in Slovakia. High quality and low price from an EU producer. Our products are also listed in the ADC register: 229A19B1-1AA0- 4278-9219- C69DC9FD6092


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