Give your skin the nutrition you’ve been looking for. This unique hyaluronic acid cream with saponins contains a combination of valuable ingredients to quench thirsty skin. The cream is suitable for all skin types, has a light consistency and absorbs quickly.


Our novelty HA Cream with saponins is ideal for:

  • all skin types
  • deep skin hydration (very good absorption)
  • fight against skin aging and wrinkles
  • skin revitalization
  • penetration of the components into the inner layers of the skin
  • support of collagen production

B17 cream - amygdalin cream

Coenzyme Q10 promotes skin elasticity, gives it a youthful and fresh look. Its natural form has an orange color and gives the cream a soft color. Urea promotes skin rehydration.


B17 cream - Amygdalin cream benefits:

  • better elasticity and long-term skin hydration
  • protection against free radicals and toxins
  • softens and rejuvenates the skin
  • it is very well absorbed
  • suitable for youthful skin
  • and more...



Indigenous peoples in America used Yucca Schidigera (the main component of Golden Ointment) to cure numerous diseases and to preserve life in the harsh conditions over many centuries.


Golden Ointment:

  • is a perfect option for regeneration of small wounds and burns
  • helps with dry skin and wrinkles
  • helps reduce acne and other facial spots
  • helps ameliorate allergic reactions of your skin and other disorders (such as leg ulcers, eczema or psoriasis)


One of the most complicated dermal disorders which trouble a lot of people certainly is psoriasis. We are aware of the fact that, apart from irritating physical symptoms, psoriasis also influences mental states of people and their relationships...



  • contains saponins from Yucca Shidigera extract
  • saponins (along with other ingredients) protect against the occurrence of inflammations
  • has soothing and hydrating effect that penetrates deep into skin tissue


A peel for the face and body – a cleansing cosmetic preparation which gently cleanses the skin and removes withered skin cells without irritating. Thanks to its ingredients and consistency, further moisturising with other cosmetic preparations is not necessary as its cream components...


Bamboo Exfoliant:

  • is a perfect option for cleansing & hydration of your face & body
  • does not irritate the skin
  • contains microscopic apricot stone particles
  • contains ointment with saponins
    which heal immediately